Free eBook - SQL Tips and Techniques

Jan 21, 2010 Posted by Lara Kannan
SQL Tips and Techniques

This books mainly for beginner who learn SQL server. This ebook covers the below 25 topics with samples.

Chapter 1 - Understanding SQL Basics and Creating Database Files

Chapter 2 - Using SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) to Create Data Tables and Other Database Objects

Chapter 3 - Using SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) to Insert and Manipulate Data Within SQL Tables

Chapter 4 - Working with Queries, Expressions, and Aggregate Functions

Chapter 5 - Understanding SQL Transactions and Transaction Logs

Chapter 6 - Using Data Control Language (DCL) to Setup Database Security

Chapter 7 - Creating Indexes for Fast Data Retrieval

Chapter 8 - Using Keys and Constraints to Maintain Database Integrity

Chapter 9 - Performing Multiple-table Queries and Creating SQL Data Views

Chapter 10 - Working with Functions, Parameters, and Data Types

Chapter 11 - Working with Comparison Predicates and Grouped Queries

Chapter 12 - Working with SQL JOIN Statements and Other Multiple-table Queries

Chapter 13 - Understanding SQL Subqueries

Chapter 14 - Understanding Transaction Isolation Levels and Concurrent Processing

Chapter 15 - Writing External Applications to Query and Manipulate Database Data

Chapter 16 - Retrieving and Manipulating Data Through Cursors

Chapter 17 - Understanding Triggers

Chapter 18 - Working with Data BLOBs and Text

Chapter 19 - Working with Ms-sql Server Information Schema View

Chapter 20 - Monitoring and Enhancing MS-SQL Server Performance

Chapter 21 - Working with Stored Procedures

Chapter 22 - Repairing and Maintaining MS-SQL Server Database Files

Chapter 23 - Writing Advanced Queries and Subqueries

Chapter 24 - Exploiting MS-SQL Server Built-in Stored Procedures

Chapter 25 - Working with SQL Database Data Across the Internet




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