WCF Binding Comparison

Oct 29, 2010 Posted by Lara Kannan
WCF Binding Comparison

In my ongoing quest to produce the simplest table possible summarizing the key differences between the various Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) built-in bindings, I came up with the following:

Binding Class Name TransportMessage EncodingMessage VersionSecurity Mode
BasicHttpBindingHTTPTextSOAP 1.1None
WSHttpBindingHTTPTextSOAP 1.2 & WS-A 1.0Message
WSDualHttpBindingHTTPTextSOAP 1.2 & WS-A 1.0Message
WSFederationHttpBindingHTTPTextSOAP 1.2 & WS-A 1.0Message
NetTcpBindingTCPBinarySOAP 1.2Transport
NetPeerTcpBindingP2PBinarySOAP 1.2Transport
NetNamedPipesBindingNamed PipesBinarySOAP 1.2Transport
NetMsmqBindingMSMQBinarySOAP 1.2Message
MsmqIntegrationBindingMSMQX**Not SupportedTransport


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